Exponerat is a website that was created more than 5 years ago, with the objective of providing information to people who are interested in the events that happen in Sweden or the news related to this country.

Sweden is one of the most important countries in Europe, with a great culture and a lot of history behind it. And one of the most curious facts about this country is that people not only speak Swedish but also Finnish, Yiddish and Romany, and these can be considered as widely used languages.

It has a population of almost 10 million people and the capital is Stockholm. But in addition, there are other cities or towns that without a doubt, you should know, because they are spectacular and are part of Swedish nature.

I know many local people or foreigners are interested in knowing everything about this amazing country, whether to find out about the political, economic, social or even sports situations, especially with the national team in times of competition such as the World Cup or Euro Cup.

On Exponerat, you can find everything related to it, and if you’re not even in European territory, you can feel a little closer to this country.

My name is Julio Schroeder, I’m an American journalist and I’m 34 years old. I created this website after living in Sweden for more than 3 years because I was doing a specialization related to my career. And I fell in love with it.

One of my dreams was to have my own web page, but I never imagined that it would be about this interesting topic that now means so much to me.

Many people say that when fewer things are expected, better things come. With Exponerat I certainly experienced it, especially because the reception by all of you over the years was incredible, and also you continue to receive us with love, providing all of your support. It’s something that I appreciate so much.

So if you’re interested in this European country, then allow yourself to get to know it a little more thoroughly, do not forget to visit us and also to follow us in our respective social networks.