casino machine - Is it Legal to bet in Sweden? 5 Facts About Legal Gambling in Sweden

Is it Legal to bet in Sweden? 5 Facts About Legal Gambling in Sweden


As far as betting is concerned, Sweden is a fairly simple country, but at the same time bets are limited by the government, which complies with its laws. However, it is good news, you can bet on both online and offline games, since it is legal only if you do it with authorized providers.

If you are interested, here we have a list of the details of the laws in this country:

lottery - Is it Legal to bet in Sweden? 5 Facts About Legal Gambling in Sweden

Lottery Law

This law of Sweden was approved in 1994. It normalizes the operation of all the lotteries and games in the country. This caused that authorities had to grant licenses to people to operate the activities, but until now they have only granted a license of this type to the Svenska Spel Company.

Casino Law

This law was approved almost 5 years later. It is a bit similar to the previous one, it grants and organizes the casino games and its operation. It is highly related to land-based casinos. Also, it establishes an age restriction in each casino, prohibit granting credit to players and it is mandatory to keep records.

Rectification of the Law of Lotteries

The real law, originated in 1994 and was reformed in 2002 to be able to update it to the new game modalities and make it true for online games. This update ensures the company, Svenska Spel, extends to the online world.

The reconversion of the law was well-accepted by those casinos that had a license, since it allowed them to open even more to online games.

Legal challenges

Over the years, a chain of challenges has been manifested, thanks to the legality of the monopoly in the country. But all these have failed due to the government, which affirms that the games are reasonable and proportional.

Its priority is to protect the world of bets and all players from non-veridical platforms, trying to help with the social damage caused by gambling.

tax hand - Is it Legal to bet in Sweden? 5 Facts About Legal Gambling in Sweden

Taxes of the players

The profits of the premises and the online sites operated by Svenska Spel do not pay any kind of taxes. However, the profits obtained by operating the online games outside the European Union, could generate exorbitant invoices to the suppliers. The tax rates of the earnings of these players can vary between 30% and 50%.

These are only some laws about betting in Sweden. We could notice that bets are not completely illegal, they are quite simple and with very few restrictions. Until today, only a few incidents of casinos and lotteries have been recorded, one could say that Sweden is a fairly quiet country in terms of bets. Right now, one of the more knowns brands in Sweden is Ninja Casino.

We hope that this has helped you know a little more about the world of games.