Sweden’s Entry Restrictions and Rules

Sweden has documented 2,460,783 positive COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began, with 12,402 of them reported in the last seven days, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Furthermore, since 2020, 17,549 people have perished due to COVID-19’s consequences.

Travelers from EU/EEA countries must meet certain entry requirements.
These nations and Switzerland are free from the entry prohibition and can visit Sweden without having to meet any additional COVID-19 conditions.

“There is no longer an entry ban when entering straight from an EU/EEA nation or Switzerland as of February 9, 2022.” According to the Swedish Police website, “this means that everyone, regardless of citizenship, can enter Sweden without any COVID-19-specific restrictions.”

In addition, if the passenger is processed for immigration in the first destination country, independent of the journey’s origin country, the same regulation applies for transit via an EU/EEA country.

Entrance Requirements for Third-Country Visitors

Travelers from third countries, on the other hand, are still subject to an entry prohibition, which may demand a vaccination passport or a negative test completed within 72 hours of leaving.

Several groups of travelers, however, are excluded from the entry ban, as shown below:

Citizens of Sweden who enter the nation without being required to show a COVID-19 certificate
Residents of Sweden who have a valid residency permit are exempt from offering COVID-19 certifications.
Exempted from the entry prohibition are Swedish residents with a valid residency permit for less than one year who must provide a valid COVID-19 certificate.
Citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) who exhibit a valid COVID-19 certificate
Exempted country residents must provide the relevant documentation at the Schengen Border because they are not subject to the non-essential travel ban.
Travelers who have been fully vaccinated and whose vaccination certificates have been issued in recognized countries.

COVID-19 Restrictions in the United States

The Swedish government has been easing national limitations at the request of the Swedish Public Health Agency since February 9.

The new policies include eliminating maximum group sizes at eating and drinking facilities, shopping centers, private meetings, and tournaments and removing participant limits in public gatherings and events.

“On April 1, the remaining official recommendations will be deleted or adjusted to reflect the current rate of transmission, impact on health-care systems, and immunization rates.” The vaccination guideline and special recommendations for health service and care environments will remain in effect after that,” the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs warned in a news release.