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Journalism, is a profession that is responsible for the dissemination of information through different media such as press, television or radio, so it can reach the public. I am currently working on my profession, through Exponerat, that’s why I’m in charge of it.

It is a demanding and perfectionist profession for many, because you are working with third-party issues, and it is the responsibility of each person who is reporting, doing it right or wrong. Obviously, this is related to the part of writing, such as informing through the press or the internet like us, doing it through this web page.

Each article that is uploaded on this web page, is previously and properly analyzed to verify everything is correct, so we can have the best content. From the spelling, information, sources, to obviously the form of writing that needs to be coherent and understandable.

At Exponerat we have a professional team to provide you information in the most truthful and respectful way.

But now, we are implementing a new project where any of our followers can be part of our community of writers. And it is not even necessary to be a professional or have any experience in writing.

Obviously, this would be extra points for each one, since they would have more experience and it’s something where everyone can participate simply by contacting us through our contact information. The work is focused on being a writer for our community, helping us to choose the topics of the articles and writing everything with their own style.

Our team will be correcting each of your articles before they are published to provide more impeccable work. So, if you want to start learning or be one of us, contact us!