girl singing - 3 Facts about the 1st 'Women Only' Music Festival in Sweden

3 Facts about the 1st ‘Women Only’ Music Festival in Sweden

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During July 2017 the biggest music festival ever in Sweden was planned, with the most wanted artists of the year. Some of the greatest stars in Nu Metal, like System of a Down and Linkin Park were among the star-studded lineup.

Knowing that kind of artist now you could know the crowd attending, there was one of the best staffs ever, but it is almost impossible to control all the people, and maybe all the people entering could have a normal look, but you cannot really tell that there was not any sex offender.

After this event there was a lot of complaints about it, because there were too many women that actually got assaulted by some offenders around the place. This fact was not ignored, the responsible wanted to reward all of those women insulted during the event, and with the help of the feminist movement a plan emerged.

three women - 3 Facts about the 1st 'Women Only' Music Festival in Sweden

The first event only for women

The first women-only music festival in Sweden will now replace the old Bråvalla as a response to the 2017 event facts. This means a men-free event and there will not be any kind of discrimination against women.

A crowd-funded event

This event was not patrocinated by itself, was a crowd-founded event with thousands of dollars raised from one of the most popular stand-up comedy artists in Sweden: Emma Knycare donated over $300.000 for this great event.

Staff and security around

There will not be any questions, the entrance is only for women, not even transgender or non-binary persons will be allowed. The staff and the security will consist of only women too, all the people around the event will be only women so this whole event will be free of any kind of danger like the past one.

The working security team will be one of the highly rated enterprises in Sweden. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind, any kind of offense or attempt to interrupt the event by any cis-gender has to be eradicated at once, so the security team is the best

This event promises to be one of the most important steps on the feminist movement, women in all countries are talking about this, get your ticket now!