insert enevelopt 622x420 - Sweden Elections: Is the Far-Right Going to Win?

Sweden Elections: Is the Far-Right Going to Win?

In recent years there have been major changes in the preference for political parties in the Swedish country where the extreme right in these last four years has gained confidence in the polls and could surprise in the nation’s elections. Lately more has been known about the advance of the extreme rightist party Democrats of […]

girl buy online 622x420 - 7 Things Sweden Has to Say Before Cash Disappears

7 Things Sweden Has to Say Before Cash Disappears

Cash is very important for all countries because it’s something that makes the economy improve by having more liquidity and economic movements. And few countries are currently victims of this phenomenon. Sweden is one of them. But this has been a project that’s being carried out by the government of this country, to eliminate cash […]

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What does the future hold for Sweden and covid-19?

polling station - What does the future hold for Sweden and covid-19?

In contrast to many European countries’ tougher, frequently lockdown-focused approaches—including its Scandinavian neighbors—strategy Sweden has centered on individuals accepting responsibility under non-binding suggestions.

1 In the first six months of the pandemic, the government established comprehensive work from home provisions for those who could and remote learning for those over 16s.

The public agreed, and there was little debate about the policy, save for a group of 22 scientists who spoke out about the high number of coronavirus deaths among the elderly, which was significantly higher than that of its Nordic neighbors—131 per million people compared to 55 per million in Denmark and 14 per million in Finland, all of whom had implemented lockdowns.

Tegnell was one among those who insisted that other countries’ lockdowns were excessive. According to Our World in Data, the number of overall cases and deaths in Sweden was low compared to other major European countries—just under 93 000 cases and 6000 deaths by October 1, October 1, 2020, compared to over 118 000 points and 10 000 deaths in Belgium, which has a similar overall population size, or the 606 000 cases and 32 000 deaths seen in France and other larger countries.

However, by the winter of 2020, the second wave of cases with the new alpha type had risen dramatically.

2 The country saw 657 309 positive cases and 12 826 deaths in the six months between October 2020 and March 2021.

The government’s measures were slammed in an 800-page report (the second of its kind) published in October 2021 by the Swedish Corona Commission3—the government-commissioned investigation into the pandemic response—which noted that they were both late and insufficient and called preparedness “non-existent.”

This was followed in November 2021 by a report from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences4 proposing the creation of an independent expert unit for future pandemics, claiming that authorities were “inadequately prepared” in terms of knowledge as well as equipment such as face masks and that high mortality during the first two waves of the pandemic was due to “mild and tardy” measures to prevent infection spread.

In his end-of-2020 TV message, Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf called the country’s management of the pandemic a “disaster.” Stefan Lofven, the prime minister, then agreed. “The fact that so many people have perished can’t be seen as anything but a failure,” he remarked.

Anders Vahlne, a virology professor at the Karolinska Institute and one of the scientists who criticized Sweden’s response, told The BMJ that it was shameful that the entire pandemic was in the hands of a few civil servants who acted and reacted slowly, lacked flexibility, and still did not acknowledge that the virus was airborne.

Sweden’s situation remains grave a year later, as the country confronts a second pandemic winter and dangers from both delta and omicron variants, according to specialists The BMJ spoke to.

Going around in circles

The second wave will attack Sweden in the autumn of 2020. Intensive care units (ICUs) in and around Stockholm, the epicenter of the country’s pandemic, were approaching capacity for the first time in December, forcing the government to restore limits. These were expanded in January 2021 to include a recommendation, but not a requirement, to wear masks on public transportation.

The government granted expanded pandemic powers by March 15, 2021, allowing for additional actions over the next 12 months if necessary. Limiting the number of people (one per 10 m2) allowed in gyms, shops, other enterprises, and public spaces like parks and beaches are examples.

The change appeared to be successful. Case numbers began to decline in early June, and limitations were gradually loosened until all were lifted by the end of September. The Swedish Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten, FHM) even stopped offering free polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing to anyone who had already been properly vaccinated on November 1.

Is the healthcare system up to the task?

On the other hand, Persson voiced dissatisfaction with the crowds he sees in public, where few people wear masks. “When all limitations and general recommendations are gone, there is a risk that citizens believe the pandemic is over,” he warns.

Most healthcare workers agreed that such limits should have remained throughout the year. Like the first wave, some argue that schools should have been partially closed.

Because of the high incidence of immunization, Bratt believes the next wave will have fewer mortality. “The truth is that the number of patients in need of intensive care rose during the last week,” he says. With a heavy influx of patients with covid-19, seasonal flu, and other prevalent ailments, it’s the start of a negative trend.”

Vahlne says he’s “very concerned” about the situation in Sweden. “With such a low level of contagion in the summer, we should have started testing and tracing and continued to use basic safeguards, such as masks,” he says.

But, according to Anders Tegnell, scientists are still divided on which techniques are most efficient in preventing virus spread. “This is what we’re still trying to figure out: some measures work in some spots, but trends are hard to spot.”

The mystery of COVID-19 and how it relates to Sweden

people rally - The mystery of COVID-19 and how it relates to Sweden


The national response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden continues to be an outlier in the second wave of the pandemic, with the number of cases and deaths rising at a far faster rate than in Sweden’s Nordic neighbors.

1, 2 On December 20, 2020, the number of COVID-19 deaths in Sweden had surpassed 80003, which is equivalent to 787 deaths per one million inhabitants and is between four and a half and ten times greater than its neighboring countries. 1, 2, 3 This discrepancy across the Nordic nations cannot be explained simply by differences in national cultures, histories, population numbers and densities, immigration patterns, the pathways through which the virus was initially transmitted, or how cases and deaths are reported. Instead, the solutions to this mystery can be found in the Swedish national COVID-19 plan, the assumptions on which it is founded, and the health system’s governance that has made it possible for the strategy to continue without major course corrections.

The Agency for Public Health

The Swedish Public Health Agency, known as Folkhalsomyndigheten (FHM), adopted a de facto herd immunity strategy from the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, community transmission was allowed to continue somewhat unregulated.

4 Although no obligatory steps were established to reduce crowds on public transportation, in shopping malls, or any other crowded places, a limit of fifty persons was recommended for gatherings5 as of March 29, 2020. This limit will go into effect. The testing for coronavirus, the tracing of contacts, the identifying of sources, and the reporting of findings, as recommended by WHO6, were restricted and inadequate. 7 In our opinion, the national plan does not provide adequate emphasis on the significance of the presymptomatic and asymptomatic transmission of the disease and the information of the virus through aerosols8, nine and the usage of face masks. 9, 10 Recently, face masks were made mandatory in care homes and other healthcare facilities (on November 11, 2020, in Stockholm)11. Face masks will be suggested beginning January 7, 2021: “on public transportation at specified times.” 12 Other gradual interventions are being introduced, such as modifying a prohibition on the sale of alcohol from 2200 h (introduced on November 11, 2020) to 2000 h (beginning on December 24, 2020), which will be implemented on December 24, 2020. 12, 13, suggesting further limits on the number of gatherings and advising individuals to take personal responsibility and remain at home if they are experiencing signs of the illness.

With this gradual approach, the number of COVID-19 deaths in Sweden reached its peak during the first wave at 102 reported deaths (7-day rolling average) on April 21, 20203. This was at a higher level and with a slower decline than in the neighboring Nordic countries, eventually reaching a low at the beginning of September 2020.

1, 3 Instead of preparing for the second wave and changing direction, the government of Sweden decided to relax restrictions at the beginning of October 2020. The number of people allowed to attend public events increased from 50 to 300, and senior citizens aged 70 and older were given permission to get together with family and friends.

Many voices have been voiced that are critical of Sweden’s national response to COVID-19 and its failure to meet its objectives to flatten and shorten the curves of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. [Case of Viral Infection in Sweden]

4, 15 The Corona Commission (Coronakommissionen), which the Swedish Government created to assess the country’s response to COVID-19, has originally concentrated on the issue among older people. 16 The Corona Commission reached the following conclusion on December 15, 2020: “the overall spread of the virus in the society is the single most important element behind the major outbreaks and the high number of deaths in [elderly] residential care.” 16 In addition to the failure of the COVID-19 strategy, there are other structural issues connected to the organization of senior care in Sweden that has not been resolved.

The recommendations made by the World Health Organization (WHO) to maintain a physical distance, wear a face mask, keep rooms ventilated, avoid crowds, and practice good hand and respiratory hygiene have been validated by an independent review of the evidence17 conducted by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

18 However, it wasn’t until December 18, 2020, that the government issued directives to begin putting more of these recommendations, such as the use of face masks, into practice. This is because the trend of rapidly rising cases and deaths continues, and intensive-care facilities and healthcare professionals are already at their maximum capacity in many regions of Sweden.

Teams from Finland and Sweden will travel to Turkey to discuss NATO bids, according to Finnish Minister Haavisto.

work for us - Teams from Finland and Sweden will travel to Turkey to discuss NATO bids, according to Finnish Minister Haavisto.


According to statements made by the Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto on Tuesday, both Finland and Sweden intend to send delegations to the Turkish capital city of Ankara on Wednesday to find a solution to the objections raised by Turkey regarding the two countries’ membership applications to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Ankara will be receiving visits from our delegations and those from Sweden and Finland. This will take place tomorrow so that the conversation will continue then,” Haavisto remarked while participating in a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

On Saturday, the presidents of Sweden and Finland called Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to address his objections to both nations joining NATO. Erdogan has voiced his opposition to the expansion of NATO to both Sweden and Finland.

Communist Workers Party

Turkey claims that Sweden and Finland provide a haven to individuals with ties to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant group and supporters of Fethullah Gulen. Ankara holds Gulen responsible for plotting a failed coup in 2016 and says his followers are in Sweden and Finland.

According to the Turkish presidency, Erdogan told Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson on Saturday that Ankara wanted substantial efforts to address its concerns. Ankara expects real steps to be taken. In addition to this, he said that the embargo on Turkey’s arms exports that was imposed in 2019 as a result of its intervention in Syria should be repealed.

On Saturday, the President of Finland, Sauli Niinisto, stated that he had exchanged “open and direct” phone conversations with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

After the call, Niinisto tweeted, “After the call, I said that as NATO allies, Finland and Turkey will pledge to each other’s security and result in our relationship being stronger.”

Erdogan also had a conversation with the chief of NATO on Saturday. He told Jens Stoltenberg that Ankara would not look favorably on Sweden’s and Finland’s bids to join NATO unless they clearly showed cooperation in the fight against terrorism and other issues. Stoltenberg agreed with Erdogan’s assessment.

Is it Legal to bet in Sweden? 5 Facts About Legal Gambling in Sweden

casino machine - Is it Legal to bet in Sweden? 5 Facts About Legal Gambling in Sweden

As far as betting is concerned, Sweden is a fairly simple country, but at the same time bets are limited by the government, which complies with its laws. However, it is good news, you can bet on both online and offline games, since it is legal only if you do it with authorized providers.

If you are interested, here we have a list of the details of the laws in this country:

lottery - Is it Legal to bet in Sweden? 5 Facts About Legal Gambling in Sweden

Lottery Law

This law of Sweden was approved in 1994. It normalizes the operation of all the lotteries and games in the country. This caused that authorities had to grant licenses to people to operate the activities, but until now they have only granted a license of this type to the Svenska Spel Company.

Casino Law

This law was approved almost 5 years later. It is a bit similar to the previous one, it grants and organizes the casino games and its operation. It is highly related to land-based casinos. Also, it establishes an age restriction in each casino, prohibit granting credit to players and it is mandatory to keep records.

Rectification of the Law of Lotteries

The real law, originated in 1994 and was reformed in 2002 to be able to update it to the new game modalities and make it true for online games. This update ensures the company, Svenska Spel, extends to the online world.

The reconversion of the law was well-accepted by those casinos that had a license, since it allowed them to open even more to online games.

Legal challenges

Over the years, a chain of challenges has been manifested, thanks to the legality of the monopoly in the country. But all these have failed due to the government, which affirms that the games are reasonable and proportional.

Its priority is to protect the world of bets and all players from non-veridical platforms, trying to help with the social damage caused by gambling.

tax hand - Is it Legal to bet in Sweden? 5 Facts About Legal Gambling in Sweden

Taxes of the players

The profits of the premises and the online sites operated by Svenska Spel do not pay any kind of taxes. However, the profits obtained by operating the online games outside the European Union, could generate exorbitant invoices to the suppliers. The tax rates of the earnings of these players can vary between 30% and 50%.

These are only some laws about betting in Sweden. We could notice that bets are not completely illegal, they are quite simple and with very few restrictions. Until today, only a few incidents of casinos and lotteries have been recorded, one could say that Sweden is a fairly quiet country in terms of bets. Right now, one of the more knowns brands in Sweden is Ninja Casino.

We hope that this has helped you know a little more about the world of games.

3 Facts about the 1st ‘Women Only’ Music Festival in Sweden

girl singing - 3 Facts about the 1st 'Women Only' Music Festival in Sweden

During July 2017 the biggest music festival ever in Sweden was planned, with the most wanted artists of the year. Some of the greatest stars in Nu Metal, like System of a Down and Linkin Park were among the star-studded lineup.

Knowing that kind of artist now you could know the crowd attending, there was one of the best staffs ever, but it is almost impossible to control all the people, and maybe all the people entering could have a normal look, but you cannot really tell that there was not any sex offender.

After this event there was a lot of complaints about it, because there were too many women that actually got assaulted by some offenders around the place. This fact was not ignored, the responsible wanted to reward all of those women insulted during the event, and with the help of the feminist movement a plan emerged.

three women - 3 Facts about the 1st 'Women Only' Music Festival in Sweden

The first event only for women

The first women-only music festival in Sweden will now replace the old Bråvalla as a response to the 2017 event facts. This means a men-free event and there will not be any kind of discrimination against women.

A crowd-funded event

This event was not patrocinated by itself, was a crowd-founded event with thousands of dollars raised from one of the most popular stand-up comedy artists in Sweden: Emma Knycare donated over $300.000 for this great event.

Staff and security around

There will not be any questions, the entrance is only for women, not even transgender or non-binary persons will be allowed. The staff and the security will consist of only women too, all the people around the event will be only women so this whole event will be free of any kind of danger like the past one.

The working security team will be one of the highly rated enterprises in Sweden. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind, any kind of offense or attempt to interrupt the event by any cis-gender has to be eradicated at once, so the security team is the best

This event promises to be one of the most important steps on the feminist movement, women in all countries are talking about this, get your ticket now!

Sweden Elections: Is the Far-Right Going to Win?

insert enevelopt - Sweden Elections: Is the Far-Right Going to Win?

In recent years there have been major changes in the preference for political parties in the Swedish country where the extreme right in these last four years has gained confidence in the polls and could surprise in the nation’s elections.

Lately more has been known about the advance of the extreme rightist party Democrats of Sweden (SD) and the presence they have had in Swedish politics. They were known to be a residual party but according to many sources could become the second or even the first most voted force, according to statistics.

polling station - Sweden Elections: Is the Far-Right Going to Win?

It Started In 1980

This far-right SD party was founded in 1980 as just another organization, but in this new millennium it has been consecrated thanks to the leadership of Jimmie Åkesson, who turned the party into a polished political operation that has made diversity in the Swedish electoral system.

Between the events that prompted the rise of the far right are the consequences of the global financial crisis in 2008 and the impact that left the majority of the Swedish population in precarious conditions due to cuts in social assistance.

These reasons, plus the social alignment and various factors analyzed by many media suggest they generated distrust in the population of this country according to social democratic politics.

A Strengthening Speech

The party led by Åkesson and his team had been strengthened by an anti-immigrant and anti-crime discourse, with striking proposals such as the total freezing of asylum applications and the acceptance of refugees only from neighboring countries in Sweden.

Among the other plans of this extreme right-wing party there are more severe measures for crime, more powers for the police, tax cuts and greater spending on social assistance.

On the other hand, social democrats, who have dominated Swedish politics for almost a hundred years, were having difficulties to respond the harsh rhetoric of the far-right party, which has led them to sink to 25% in the polls.

people rally - Sweden Elections: Is the Far-Right Going to Win?

The Opposition Is Shaking

The main personalities of the opposite side defend their social democratic government and urge the swedes to vote for them to maintain the welfare of their situation in general.

Few politicians have accepted to reach agreements with them. Actually the leader of the moderates Ulf Kristersson has made the situation more tense saying that he would be willing to hold talks with the DS. Their leader, Jimmie Åkesson, in response warned that their support will come at a price.

A similar picture they could have seems pretty much like Denmark: a very conservative government with support from the Danish People’s Nationalist Party. From a realistic point of view, this victory could mean the end of an era for the progressive and tolerant Sweden that everyone knew.

It is expected the extreme right-wing to win, product of all these latest events in the country but it is also expected that despite the changes that may occur in this peaceful nation, it will be still recognized for its activities such as the defense of the conservation of the environment, the defense of homosexual rights, gender equality, and even more important: not to create a setback in humanitarian work.

7 Things Sweden Has to Say Before Cash Disappears

girl buy online - 7 Things Sweden Has to Say Before Cash Disappears

Cash is very important for all countries because it’s something that makes the economy improve by having more liquidity and economic movements. And few countries are currently victims of this phenomenon.

Sweden is one of them. But this has been a project that’s being carried out by the government of this country, to eliminate cash completely and even stop accepting invoices before 2025. Discover some things Sweden has to say before cash disappears:

Financial authorities

Financial authorities were the ones to accept this trend to apply zero cash. But now, they are requesting to stop and reissue bills and coins to circulate in the country, because they need to make an in-depth analysis of how it can affect society not to pay in cash and even how it can affect consumption and trade in general.

card blue - 7 Things Sweden Has to Say Before Cash Disappears

Virtual currency

Sweden, approved an e-krona virtual currency, in order to strengthen the lack of cash, and it can have more value in the monetary world. Legislative measures are even being applied to make virtual payments through this currency.

Applicable measures

Some of the applicable measures the Swedish government has implemented in addition to the virtual currency, are digital tools to have better management in society with the help of advanced technology. One of them has been microchips, which are used to pay almost daily things, like public transportation or food, putting them in a lot of parts of the country for people who read and accepted this new modality.

Expensive trend

This trend has also been very costly to apply, because of the amount of money that had to be invested for years to create it and develop it. Especially the technological measures. And even now, more things are being created to avoid using cash.

screen - 7 Things Sweden Has to Say Before Cash Disappears


One of the disadvantages of this is that there is a part of the population that is affected by the lack of cash, which are the elders, especially retirees, immigrants and people with disabilities.

Having cash means moving easier, without so many complications and by implementing technological measures, not everyone will be able to handle it, as in the case of retirees, or there will be people who could not have the possibility of accessing them, as it is the case of immigrants.

Consequences in the future

If society doesn’t depend on cash, it means that commercial banks will have more control and it can affect the sovereignty of the state, or can play against it in different negotiations related to foreign trade.


Some people have come out to protest against these economic measures that are being applied. One of them was the Swedish Pensioners’ Association, since they consider that it affects them.

Many people still don’t get used to technological advances, and they are some of them, so they now have to use cell phones, iPads or computers to pay for something when they could simply pay with cash and that’s it.

Sweden is getting used to the phenomenon of zero cash, and even for some time has stopped taking money from the ATM. But, this trend is expected to be a project that won’t have a negative impact on the future of the Swedish economy by weakening the country or affecting the citizens.

2 Reasons Why Swedish People are Inserting Chips into Themselves

chip - 2 Reasons Why Swedish People are Inserting Chips into Themselves

In Sweden, at least 4,000 inhabitants carry an electronic device implanted somewhere in the hand, and with advances in this technology it seems that there will be an increase in the use of these electronic devices.

The microchip boom came in 2015 to the Swedish country, being one of the most advanced ones in terms of biohacking or transhumanism, movements that intend to use technology to improve the human body.

In the case of microchips in all their types, in upgrades, models and designs, their main objective is to facilitate daily life to those who have them as if they were some kind of clothing under their skin. And among other things, they allow, for example, access to work or gym, take out products from the vending machine in the office or validate the train ticket with only one hand movement.

system hand - 2 Reasons Why Swedish People are Inserting Chips into Themselves

New Payment Method

Many people in Sweden have inserted these microchips in themselves, because they can function as credit cards, without direct contact with some type of machine, at the same time there are also key cards and even rail cards in their bodies.

Once the chip is under the skin, there is no need to worry about placing a card or carrying a heavy wallet, something that makes our lives better, more comfortable and convenient.

id - 2 Reasons Why Swedish People are Inserting Chips into Themselves

New Identity Card

Another utility that has been given to this new technology, is to replace the plastic cards of a conventional identity card with an electronic identity, easier to use and without occupying any kind of space.

In Sweden this has happened, and more than 4,000 people are being part of this evolution in the world, with the electronic identity being one of the first advances.

The path of technology has made us evolve as human beings. Every day new things are discovered, and this advance of microchips could be much more useful in the future, but it could also be dangerous because our information would be at the mercy of states that can know our position or all our biological data wherever we are.

The Best 3 Betting Apps in Sweden to Try Out Today

laptop hand - The Best 3 Betting Apps in Sweden to Try Out Today

The rate of mobile utilization in Sweden is among the highest in the world, and stands at more than 140%. This incredible amount of users adds to the fact that the Swedes love to gamble, also has the best sports betting companies behind their back to maximize the benefits of all users and get better income. Here are 3 of the most popular sports betting applications in all of Sweden.

mobile black - The Best 3 Betting Apps in Sweden to Try Out Today


BetVictor has achieved with great effort to have some of the best deposit and payment options for any betting site in Sweden. The betting house has a mobile app for Android and Apple platforms. The application allows players to make bets the same way they would on their usual website, even during the game, having a lot of simplicity and similarities with the website, for the convenience of all the users who have chosen this company.


Bet365 has managed to position itself as the world’s largest betting house. Like most betting applications that exist on the market, it allows players to access the most complete selection of sports. There is a mobile application available for Android and IOS devices that allows players to enjoy the best bets on the game of all other platforms, as always, ensuring the greatest protection in banking data and being comfortable for the user.

mobile hand - The Best 3 Betting Apps in Sweden to Try Out Today


Pinnacle has a mobile application that allows users to access different sports, including those currently live. The application allows players to make bets without problems and it works wonderful, even on phones with smaller screens, reaching a greater variety of mobile devices, a greater approximation to other companies.

Sweden’s sports betting market has a bright future, as demonstrated by the rapid growth of this industry in recent years. When you consider starting to gamble, it is essential that you have some knowledge to make the best bets and earn more money. That is why with these applications you can get the result you no matter when or where you may be.

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