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Sweden Elections: Is the Far-Right Going to Win?


In recent years there have been major changes in the preference for political parties in the Swedish country where the extreme right in these last four years has gained confidence in the polls and could surprise in the nation’s elections.

Lately more has been known about the advance of the extreme rightist party Democrats of Sweden (SD) and the presence they have had in Swedish politics. They were known to be a residual party but according to many sources could become the second or even the first most voted force, according to statistics.

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It Started In 1980

This far-right SD party was founded in 1980 as just another organization, but in this new millennium it has been consecrated thanks to the leadership of Jimmie Åkesson, who turned the party into a polished political operation that has made diversity in the Swedish electoral system.

Between the events that prompted the rise of the far right are the consequences of the global financial crisis in 2008 and the impact that left the majority of the Swedish population in precarious conditions due to cuts in social assistance.

These reasons, plus the social alignment and various factors analyzed by many media suggest they generated distrust in the population of this country according to social democratic politics.

A Strengthening Speech

The party led by Åkesson and his team had been strengthened by an anti-immigrant and anti-crime discourse, with striking proposals such as the total freezing of asylum applications and the acceptance of refugees only from neighboring countries in Sweden.

Among the other plans of this extreme right-wing party there are more severe measures for crime, more powers for the police, tax cuts and greater spending on social assistance.

On the other hand, social democrats, who have dominated Swedish politics for almost a hundred years, were having difficulties to respond the harsh rhetoric of the far-right party, which has led them to sink to 25% in the polls.

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The Opposition Is Shaking

The main personalities of the opposite side defend their social democratic government and urge the swedes to vote for them to maintain the welfare of their situation in general.

Few politicians have accepted to reach agreements with them. Actually the leader of the moderates Ulf Kristersson has made the situation more tense saying that he would be willing to hold talks with the DS. Their leader, Jimmie Åkesson, in response warned that their support will come at a price.

A similar picture they could have seems pretty much like Denmark: a very conservative government with support from the Danish People’s Nationalist Party. From a realistic point of view, this victory could mean the end of an era for the progressive and tolerant Sweden that everyone knew.

It is expected the extreme right-wing to win, product of all these latest events in the country but it is also expected that despite the changes that may occur in this peaceful nation, it will be still recognized for its activities such as the defense of the conservation of the environment, the defense of homosexual rights, gender equality, and even more important: not to create a setback in humanitarian work.